oscar and josephine


In 1880, in the aftermath of their parents’ divorce, nineteen year-old Josephine and her brother Oscar, only six, can do nothing to prevent the destruction of their family except pray. But the divine answer they receive is not what they expected. It is God’s will that the distraught brother and sister should stay together always. They will never grow older…and they will never die.

Leaving their small town of Almond Hill behind, Josephine and Oscar set out to begin a new life, one that will not end. Through the passing decades they struggle to adapt in an ever-changing America, kept forever young by a gift that is truly a curse. For Oscar, an angry man trapped in a child’s body, and Josephine, who must shun all tender human contact, the loneliness of their endless days weighs heavily on their shoulders. But one day a remarkable man enters their world—a loving friend who refuses to leave no matter how fervently Josephine tries to discourage him. And ultimately, the love in Phillip’s heart may grant Oscar and Josephine the salvation they seek, the family they covet, and the hope they long ago abandoned.



Scarlett uses words to create phrases as a painter uses oils and canvas to create a masterpiece. The tone of her writing captures the atmosphere of her scenery and plight of her characters beautifully. It really is a work of art.

When you start reading this story, the first couple of pages may be a little difficult, but as soon as your brain adapts to this wonderful writing style, which is more old world and in depth than a lot of the new, skimmed writing, you will be transported back in time and into the hearts of Josephine and Oscar.

Technically, I was very impressed. Creatively, I was equally impressed. This book is a good representation of how wonderful a story can be written, if you take the time and energy to do it, and I congratulate Scarlett on this achievement, and also thank her for sharing this story with us. I can’t wait until Scarlett releases another book. I’m definitely on her bandwagon!

Go forth and purchase now!  It’s only 99c, that’s a bargain for a five star book!