If I had to sum this book up in one word, I’d say ‘smokin’ hot’.  Okay, that’s two words, but it’s early morning and well, that’s just what the book is.  A smokin’ hot romance with corporate adventures!

Those of you who know me, know I love fantasy, sci-fi, post apocalyptic worlds, dystopian futures, steam punk, monsters and creatures.   I had the humble opportunity of beta reading this first story by Samantha Fontien, and well I must say, she has certainly introduced me to the realm of romance writing with a BANG!

How To Catch Butterflies has that special element in it that makes a good book great.  It is writing from the heart with glorious details of fancy hotels and cars, and the adventurous shenanigans of two ladies (whom I can only describe as ‘bouncy’) as they grip life with two hands and wring all they can out of it, despite what negativity may have occurred in their past.


Samantha weaves a musical soundtrack into her book to create an atmosphere and you’ll find yourself bopping along to the songs mentioned in each chapter as your journey with Rebecca and Lucy along life’s ups and downs.

There you go, just for a quick peek!

I had the opportunity to interview Samantha, and she’s just as much fun as her book.

UR: I’ve read your steaming hot book, How to Catch Butterflies,  and I thought your characters were amazing.  Have people from your life influenced their formation?

Samantha:   Hi,                           Yes all of them….  hehehehe.

Most of the books contents and characters are from my own personnel experiences.

The Girls are myself and a combo of 2 girl friends, I’m not saying who or which hahaha. I’ve had one read it and say, OMG that’s me, this is us, which is quite funny.. The men are all true as well except I have obviously changed their names, well, with the exception of one I kept his initials and his surname.

UR: How would you describe your main character, Rebecca, in five words.

Samantha: A Survivor, Strong, Professional, Hot Headed (That classed as one word lol) and a Human Lie Detector (again one word lol)

UR: You’ve got a few major heart throbs in the story.   Are you Team Jason or Team Jackson?

Samantha: Hmmmm that would be telling Jade lol.

I think both Jason and Jackson, each have fantastic qualities and I like lots about them but it would be unfair of me to answer.even though I do have a favorite hehehe… so if I can plead the fifth on that one lol

UR: Music seems to play a large role in setting the atmosphere in each chapter, a bit like a soundtrack.  From all the titles you listed in your book, which one is your favourite?  What made you decide to have music feature so intricately?

Samantha: Yes I love music, I’m a classically trained musician myself, both my parents were musicians, it was how they met. So music has always featured so strongly in my life. I was lucky enough to have parents that appreciated all genres except rap ??. My music library is quite eclectic, I have everything from classical/ Opera, to the Ramones to rap or country.

I’m a huge floydette. (Pink Floyd), love Fleetwood and Depeche Mode etc. And I love all the songs on the playlist, they each have a special place in my heart.

Why the music ? All my memories are based around particular songs, they tie the years together, what I was doing, where I was etc, etc.

When I read, I listen to music myself, which made me think of the soundtrack to my life and the events which occurred. Certain songs got me through certain situations happy or sad, you know, strong empowering  songs etc, which I think music does in general, it’s like therapy but through music and cheaper hehehe

Essentially what the reader has with the playlist, are the songs that I listened to when I lived & then wrote the story. I’m currently typing this interview listening to David Bowie. Every thing’s about music for me.

UR: What was the turning point in your life where you decided YES! I MUST WRITE THIS BOOK!

Samantha: For years I wrote by hand jotting in countless note books with my short stories. I used to drive my father potty, as he always wanted me to send them on to be published even in a woman’s magazine possibly their short story sections, which I thought was funny as I never allowed anyone bar him to read them and I still haven’t. When my Dad was dying I promised him, I would do something with my writing, and he wasn’t taking no for answer, and I did, I started HTCB just before his anniversary in January and finished just before his birthday in April.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had some great life experiences, which is what’s in the book, I’ve had the chapter 1 & 2 etc, I’ve had the career, the travel, the men lol.

UR: What is your current creative work space?  And what is your dream creative work space?

Samantha: Ohh dear….Hmmmm

Truth is; my writing space is currently my bedroom, and if I’m being totally honest, I’m normally sitting up in bed against a stack of pillows, with a table tray as my desk, and the laptop resting on that. (yes I know, sounds so swarve and sophisticated )

My Ideal location to write would be at my Sorrella’s Villa in Italy, where I spent a lot of time. Its high up in the Massca Carrara mountains in Tuscany. It has the most breathtaking views, it’s my little piece of heaven, .

UR: If you could go on a holiday anywhere in the world, with one of your characters, who would it be and where would you go?

Samantha: Hmmm trick question, lol.

It’s like you knew I wouldn’t answer the …Team Jason Or Jackson ? lol

So to be honest, I would have to say Lucy. The real Lucy is such fun in real life. This would be the one who has the conversations with Rebecca she brings the sushi & saki lol. When I go on girly holidays she’s normally the one I’m doing it with and we’ve been to some pretty fab places so far.

So defo Lucy, and to Forte Dei Marmi which is on the Versilia coast of Italy, it’s the Mami of Italy and I’m actually writing about it now in book 2 It’s a amazing place.

UR: And finally,  what are your plans for the future?  Is there a book two on the horizon?

Samantha: Yes, I’m currently writing book 2 of how to catch butterflies, I’m around 15k in so far. It’s picking up exactly where book 1 left off, exactly lol.

Future wise I’m a stay at home mum now, so my plans are always centred around my two children and Hubby, and our extended family. I see Lot’s of Briaa’s (South African BBQ’s)  in my future during the summer if the sun ever decides to show it’s  face.  lol