Lifesphere Inc…What didn’t I like about this book?

Pretty much nothing.  I loved it all!  It’s one of those books where you wake up the next morning, still thinking about the characters.

Eli is the underdog main character who forever believes in hope and chases his dream, despite the difficulties of the ruling classes of the society he lives in and the promise of constant destitution from those around him.  He’s one of those ragamuffin boys with a gleam in his eyes who never conformed.

Bring in Squal, an adorable girl so full of life, helping Eli in those bleak moments, and finding for herself a wonderful friend.

Introduce to that mix, two striking battle creatures (Meka) and a fighting arena, and you’ve got yourself a great tale of adventure as two children try to make sense of this wonderfully written dystopian world.

Definitely a book to read again.  Keep an eye on Talitha Kalago for more!

Blurb:  Eli’s future is a life spent scavenging on the Rim. He sells trash to survive, while on the Topside, citizens live in hedonistic luxury. Eli dreams of obtaining citizenship by becoming a handler; bonded with a bio-organic life form called a meka.

On the Topside, handlers are celebrities, pitting their skills in televised meka battles. But new legislation will only allow those with citizenship to become handlers and Eli can’t raise the money to buy a meka before the law is passed.

A grifter named Kalex offers Eli a trade: meka of his own, if he competes in an illegal fight to the death. Eli realises his meka can’t win, but Kalex has no intention of letting him or his meka escape alive. As Eli flees into the city, he knows Kalex is on his tail. And it’s only a matter of time before Kalex finds them…

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