I must say, I’m pretty scared of Hilly Billy horror flicks.  If there is even the slightest indication on the poster, advert or dvd cover of someone dressed in a ragged flanellette shirt and faded trucker cap, sporting uneven stubble and gappy teeth, my heart beats that little bit faster, I get a little twitchy and anxious.  Then I know, that whatever grade movie it is, I’m going to love it.

Dale and Tucker vs Evil, is no exception.

But I didn’t love it for the horror.  Dale and Tucker vs Evil is a comedy horror, or a gorish comedy.

If you’ve ever found yourself rooting for the Hill Billys, then this movie is for you.

Tyler Labine is Dale, a young hill billy searching for the finer things in hilly billy life.  Tucker, played by Alan Tudyk, is Dales sweet, niave mate with an exceptional memory for useless facts.  The two find out things aren’t what they seem when they visit their newly purchased holiday cabin by the lake, to find some college kids are also vacationing upon the lakes shores….

The only thing that can come out of an encounter between college kids and Hill Billys is…..

and maybe a little bit of love.

I definitely recommend this film to all horror and comedy enthusiasts, but then, I like B grade junk.

As you were.